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A Sexy Page Turner, June 12, 2016

By Brook
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This review is from: CHANGING LIVES: TALENT AGENCY SERIES (Kindle Edition)
Makayla was a free-spirited and independent woman. She loved her life; being single and the owner of a successful entertainment agency was a dream come true. She enjoyed putting her mark on the world with her independence, having to not answer to anyone for anything. She didn’t like being tied to the emotions of being in a relationship – one night stands and the joys from the chase of a physical attraction was her cup of tea. But the day that she met Damien (a handsome pop star) her life would change in more ways than one. His charm, delicious smile, seductive scent and deep blue eyes left her immediately attracted to him from the start. Makayla was hoping for a casual relationship but being with him brought a wave of pleasure in her life that was more than just physical. This story is an unapologetically sexy tale of unexpected chances in love. It is a story about the ups and downs that can change any relationship. This is a sexy page-turner that shows that life does not always turn out the way that we plan sexy page-turner that shows that life does not always turn out the way that we plan.

BROOK 5*****

Format: Kindle Edition

Changing Lives is an erotic fantasy about loving, caring, and living life to the fullest. Makayla is vulnerable but capable character. She falls in love with Damien Starr. Who is a intriguing, and mysterious character. He embodies women’s fantasy with the charm of a rockstar, a caring personality, and physique to die for. Makayla is strong willed, is the owner of her own company in the book. She is very mature, but at the same time susceptible to parts of her life. She is also aware of her emotions, and tries very hard. Damien is wild, and unique compared to the typical erotica male characters. The love scenes are intense, and the emotional scenes between the main characters oozes epic romanticism. The main purpose of this book is about living life to the fullest, and don’t be afraid to fall in love hard and fast. I recommend Changing Lives to a mature audience with an interest in the music industry, and romanticism that stands the test of time.


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