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          Falling Cover           Falling: Popstar Lover Series #1

Josephine Michelle Brewer was from a small town in Maine. Where she lived there for many years and then as she grew. Josie got so sick of small town life and the life she had been forced to live. Josie’s life had been full of heartache and baggage. Josie wanted out of the country life and craved an action pack life so she moved west to San Francisco. Where Josie’s cousin (Ian) lived and worked as a music producer. She wanted to start a new life. Hopefully her life would be easier and much more bearable. That was until she met Ian’s personal friend and famous Australian popstar (Colin). Can Josie & her Colin handle balancing love and careers? Or would their past baggage and secrets tear them apart before they get started.




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       Wanting: Popstar Lover Series #2

After keeping secrets forces their break up. Josie & Colin must try to move on separately on two different coasts. Until a tragic twist of fate forces Josie to make some very tough decisions. Pitting Ex   against Ex.        Will those tough decisions and white lies Josie’s forced to make. Does true love ever truly die!



NLEglinger-72dpi-1500x2000 Heart of Hearts Ebook Cover

Heart of Hearts: Popstar Lover Series Book Three

After many trial and tribulations in Josie & Colin O’Connor relationship. Josie finds herself alone with 2 kids and a baby on the way. Even after all her sacrifices she made for Colin and their family. Now Josie and Colin have to figure out if they will work on their marriage or walk away from the only other person they have ever loved from first day they met. Only if Josie makes it through the life threating medical issues. Will Josie & Colin live to fight another day hand and hand, or walk through life alone.


        Changing Lives: Talent Agency Series Book One


Makayla Weiss owner of the most popular talent agency in LA & San Francisco California. Taking a personal interest in singer Damien Starr to launch his solo career, after the break up of a successful group he was part of. The closer Makayla works with Damien the more passions are awaken between the two. Until a tragedy within Makayla’s family throwing her single free spirited life into chaos. The only way to make it through is depending on her new lover. Still maintaining her company and private life and being a role model to her new family.


                                                                              NLEglinger-300dpi-3125x4167        The Darken Side of Me: Rogue Vampire Saga #1 


Aleksander Strafford born in 1894 in Edinburgh, Scotland a 28-year-old vampire in modern day San Francisco, Ca fleeing his homeland to stay ten steps ahead of his and his sister’s maker Dante’ Vladimir Razvan that Aleksander just so happen to have killed his only sister Isabella Nicole Razvan in 1924 and has been running ever since.
The year being 1997 Aleksander followed his new love interest Avery Jean Michaels a human woman from NYC to San Francisco that he has claimed for his own. Avery a 32-year-old Director of Cultural Museum of San Francisco. After years of following her anonymously in the shadows keeping a protective eye on her never revealing himself that is until now.


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The Human Side of Me: Rogue Vampire Saga Book Two

After, Dante’ catches up with Aleksander and Avery and their son to take his vengeance out on Aleksander’s family because of the death of his sister so many years ago. Their son coming into his powers helps his father save his mother at the cost of losing Aleksander his father. Because of Aleksander’s selflessness and sacrifice saves Avery and son killing Dante’. Avery then moves their son back to NYC. But not realizing Aleksander was given a second chance by the divine power that be. Unfortunately, this second chance comes with a side effect. Leaving Aleksander with no memory of either Avery and Darven. Can Avery & Alek find a way back to the past? Or will that echo of love be lost to time and become just memories.