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Hello Lovelies,

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Sorry, I haven’t been around much lately been so very busy. Between writing and moving into a new home. Haven’t had much time for myself as of late. Of course that is what happens in life sometimes you get very busy. Also, my son is adjusting to civilian life now but is still in the active reserves with the USAF.
Also, helped another son move into a new place. So been busy then had out of town company. Been also visiting my grandchildren that is always fun for me. Love being a grandparent so very much. Still trying to finish my newest novel “The Northmen and The Scottish Lass” by the end of 2019 fingers crossed.
Getting ready to go on a research trip for my book in August, I love traveling. Meeting new people seeing different cultures and seeing lots of very old buildings. Seeing places that has been around longer than my country (USA). Anyhoo just wanted to check in and let everyone know I’m still around. Hopefully this blog finds everyone happy and healthy. Will try to check in sooner next time. Anyhoo take care everyone and sending lots of love. To my fellow Americans have a “Happy 4th of July” Enjoy and be safe with all those fireworks!! Be good and kind to each other.
Kind Regards,
Nicole Eglinger ❤
The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is To Love And Be Loved In Return ❤