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Hello Lovelies,
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, where ever your weekend takes you. I will be spending my weekend writing naturally. But do checkout my Instagram page for those sneak peeks from The Northmen and The Scottish Lass; which is my upcoming historical romance. As you can properly figure out that it’s going to be about a Viking and a badass Scottish Lass. Will they fall in love amongst the castles and The Scottish Isle of Skye and the Scottish Highlands. In the Viking age of raiding and pillaging along the coastline of Europe and beyond. Will Bree become a causality and live out her life as a Viking captive. Or perhaps maybe sparks of romance blossom between Leif and Bree. I really hope you subscribe to Subscribe To Blog

Also, I wanted to share my Book Blurb on my upcoming #historicalromance #TheNorthmenandTheScottishLass   I really hope you all are enjoying the #sneakpeeks so far. If you can’t wait for my next novel then be sure to checkout my available novels such as #PopstarLoverSeries #RogueVampireSaga #TalentAgencySeries all of them are available on #Amazon #BarnesAndNoble #Kobo many others in many formats #Ebooks #Paperback #POD . Please feel free to #PressThis to your blog and be sure to follow me on Twitter: @PoetGirl37  and on Instagram: poetgirl39

Book Blurb:

I use to think my life was pretty boring. Well, about as boring as ye can get being the daughter of Laird of Clan Donald. I live on the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. To be honest I have lived a very sheltered life at Armadale Castle. Being a daughter of the Laird wasn’t that glorious it was good though. My father’s name was Liam MacDonnell. I was always the apple of my father’s eye he wanted to teach me all he knew. Really, had a good life well that was until that fateful brisk autumn evening. The terrible night when my life took a drastic turn for the worst. That would be the night that we were attacked by a rival clan the Clan Grant they slaughtered my family.


The only people that rushed to my Faither’s and I aid was a group of heathens, they had shipwrecked on our beach. My faither had given Leif, Bjorn, Soren, Johan, Luka, Oskar and Axel a few acres and a cabin. In lewd of protecting our family.
They were known to my father and I only ever seen them a few times before. As I recall it I saw them a few times around the castle. My father had used them several times to help guard against rival clans like the Grant’s and many others. But what I didn’t expect was that I my future would be tied to a heathen named Leif.
Apparently, the story was much different the group swore allegiance to my father during one of our many gatherings. But alas, that alliance would end up being my saving grace and destiny and most amazing adventure. Let us go back to the beginning.

On a more personal note I will be away and I will try to keep up with my blog. If I don’t no worries I will be back before you know it. Will put up new #sneakpeeks for all my books. So keep following me on Instagram you never know if that might be part of my upcoming #giveaway #signedbookscopies . Anyhoo, enjoy my blurb and have a lovely weekend.

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The Northmen and The Scottish Lass Sneak Peek

The Northmen and the Scottish Lass (e-book)

Hello Lovelies,

Just like I promised a new peek at my upcoming #historicalromance of #TheNorthmenandTheScottishLass enjoy! Please be sure to follow me on Twitter: @PoetGirl37 and follow me on Instagram: poetgirl39 

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Bree checked her look in her handheld mirror before grabbing her shoes and her cloak. Trying to keep out of sight so no one would know what she was up to. Bree stopped in her tracks when she heard soft talking coming down the hall, she ducked out of sight behind a wall. Slowly she made her way to the back of the castle checking to make sure the kitchen was empty, she exited.

Finally, making her way to Leif he took her hand, without him knowing Bjorn had followed them. He pulled her into an embrace and kisses her lips, then he took her hand and started making his way through the woods to where her surprise was. They passed by his cabin and headed deeper into the woods to where they came to a clearing and saw a waterfall that emptied out into a hot spring. You could see the heat rising up from the pool.

“How lovely…I didn’t even know this was here!” she replied with excitement as she leaned her head on his shoulder as he pulled her to him.

“Shall we get in and warm up!” he asked and walked over to the edge of the rocky pool.

Without saying anything Bree watched as Leif started stripping out of his clothing, all the way down to his birthday suit. From behind a tree Bjorn watched as Bree followed Leif’s lead and stripped after he helped her with her laces on her dress. Her dress was loosened enough to step out of her dress that pooled at her feet, leaving her standing there in her shift. Her anticipation started building as she untied her shift. 

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New Vlog Update




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Just wanted to let everyone know that a new #VLOG is up, so please be sure to check it out. Be sure to subscribe to my #blog  and be the first to be notified of #updates and #giveaways . Feel free to share this #PressThis !  Also, follow me on #twitter; @PoetGirl37 and follow me on #Instagram; poetgirl39 who knows perhaps one of my #giveaways might be I pick someone who follows me after a  certain date I set up on #socialmedia .

Also, I will be putting up another #sneakpeek for my upcoming #historicalromance

#TheNorthmenandTheScottishLass #TheHeathenLoverSeries ! I will be putting that up on October 1st. I really hope you all are enjoying the #sneakpeeks so far. If you can’t wait for my next novel then be sure to checkout my available novels such

as #PopstarLoverSeries  #RogueVampireSaga #TalentAgencySeries  all of them are available on #Amazon #BarnesAndNoble #Kobo many others in  many formats #Ebooks #Paperback #POD .

On a more personal note my grandson turned two today, and got to see one of my #grandbabies Happy 2nd Birthday Little Man grandma loves and misses you tons. I will not be around October 9th-16th, but if I have time will  try to do updates. I can’t promise anything. Anyhoo chat with you next time.

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