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panoramic view of city lit up at night

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The Brightest Day Of Humanity
Dedicated to all the lives affect by the 9- 11-01, attack on USA
The cities wake to start it repetitious day

The sidewalks alive with the hustle and

bustle and the sounds of life.

When out of the blue chaos and panic erupts.

People scatter and on lookers stand by in

shock and disbelief and silence

As buildings burn and come crashing down to

the cities below. To play out some sick

person hatred and destruction.

Innocence lost and families torn apart and lost forever.

Everyday persons turned into real life heroes.

All people unite in one voice in harmony

with no one race or color barriers.

The Darkest day thus becoming The Brightest

day in humanity!!
Nicole Eglinger
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Eglinger




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Evening At The Lake

It was fine autumn evening
as I sit by the lake.
I watch the fog slowly creeping in,
as it slowly blankets the lake.
I hear the whistle like chirps of the
loons off into the distance.
I hear the rustle of the wind
through the trees, one by one the
colorful leaves twist and turn and
makes their way to the ground below.
Slowly by slowly the winds picks up
Off in the distance you see the
remainder of the sun slowly sinking
into the golden waters of the lake and
fades away never to be seen until
the next day.
As I return to my home the sky opens
up and rain falls on the lake.
Soon to awake the critters of the night
So they can sing their songs once again!

Nicole Eglinger
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Eglinger



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Cry Of The Wolf

Night creeps in on the land
Covering everything in her path

While Off in the distance the cry of
the wolf is heard
As if she were calling to a long lost

But with no reply

So she searches as high as the mountain
and as low as the valley below

To find the one to be her mate and
be as one with.

Nicole Lynn Eglinger
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Lynn Eglinger



True Heroes

Young men and women travels

across the ocean blue

To place unfamiliar to them

Each with a soldier’s fire burning deep within them.

Knowing at any moment their lives could be snuffed out,

Like the flames on a candle.

Never once thinking of themselves.

To all whom fought and died for all Americans.

So i asked not to let their courage and death
to be in vain.

Remember for those people are
true Heroes!

Nicole Eglinger
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Eglinger


selective focus photography of monarch butterfly perched on marigold flower

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By, Nicole Eglinger
Dedicated to my Mother

Wake lil butterfly do
For time to catch the breeze
Spread your lil wings
Flutter; flutter up, up and away
For your earthly bonds bines you no more
Up and up higher still
Flutter, flutter
Through the forest of light
Flutter, flutter
For to the ocean you shall go
Higher and higher
Flutter, flutter towards the mountains you shall go
Over the meadows and fields of many
Your earthly pains and worried
No more, no more
Butterfly fly away free
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Eglinger


man and woman standing at seashore

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Becoming Whole Again

With just a glance, you moved my soul to dance.

With just a touch of your hand,
you awaken the depths of my once-tired soul.

With just a kiss, I began to taste
the sweetness that once was forgotten and forbidden.

My world began to take shape and carved valleys
through my once-frozen heart.

The skies turned blue and once again
the sky became that much more beautiful to gaze upon.

I could hear the slightest whisper of the passing wind.

The darkest barren land became enlightened
and the blossoms began to flourish once more!
Nicole Eglinger

Copyright ©2008 Nicole Eglinger



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Slumber Of Pleasure

As I lay and wait for the slumber to
overcome me.
I can’t help but wonder what’s in store
for one.
I toss and turn then finally I drift.
I drift to the to a place I come to a lot,
then I see the crystal blue eyes of the one waiting for me.
As we fall together, the
wants in us awakes with such a burst of
We ravish each other like two lions fighting over a piece of meat.
Curing all that ills us.
Until all our strength has gone.
And two become one again,
and the night turns to day once again!
Nicole Lynn Eglinger
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Lynn Eglinger


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Life and Sea

They say life begun in the ocean
So in essence life in many ways
can resembles the sea itself.

Sometimes choppy and rough
Sometimes it can unleash its fury
Other times all is calm.

It refreshes our mind and spirit
It can feed our bodies and nourish
our souls.

It can also be seen as a treasure
and a playground
Until it’s our day to be called back!
Nicole Lynn Eglinger
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Lynn Eglinger


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Tell It To My Heart

Tell my heart I don’t want you.
Tell my heart not to crave your
embrace. Tell my heart not to want
your kiss. Tell my heart not to
look for you at night beside me.
Please someone help me not feel
the misery you have etched
into my heart. Though I try as I may
my heart just won’t listen.
For my heart
knows I still want you so!
To walk with
me and be my love.
Nicole Lynn Eglinger
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Lynn Eglinger


woman sitting on deck chair by sea

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The Sea

As I sit along the sea shore.
I see the waves crashing
against the sea shore.
I feel the cool breeze on
the back of my neck. With
a faint smell of salt and coconuts
lingering in the air. Time seizes
for a brief moment.

My attention is drawn to the
children playing in the surf.
Off in the distance I see the
sail of passing ships. The pelicans
dive in the surf for a bite, as the
seagulls picks at the white sand.
I watch the dolphins breach the
surface of the sea, ands dives back
into the abyss again. Thus ending
my day at the sea!

Nicole Eglinger
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Eglinger


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The Day My World Ended

It was a cold day in November,
The coldest I have ever seen.
I woke to find you were gone.
Time just seem to stand still for me

My world just fell to
pieces al l around me. When I heard
you have given your heart to
And, here I sit daze and confused.
Wondering what went wrong.
Trying to make sense of it all
Where there is none.

Through my swollen
eyes rivers flow . Still waiting for an
explanation, Which to this day you failed
to give me.

Just a few words to make sense
Of this madness you have gave me! Now you
know about The Day My world Ended !

Nicole Lynn Eglinger
Copyright ©2008 Nicole Lynn Eglinger