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Just wanted to check in with all of you and see how all of you are. Sorry, I haven’t been around or written lately, been busy writing. I also went on a research trip to Ireland to researching how life was in #VikingDublin. It was extremely informative and it was a ton of fun learning about the feared Northmen, that terrorized  7th – 10th century Britain. Before finally being beaten by the Normans in 1066. Oh by the way does my picture above look #familiar ? It should if you have watched #HistoryChannel #Vikings  #FilmLocations . This is the village of #Kattegat  where #Ragnar  and family lived. The actual place is #GuinnessLake or #LoughTay #WicklowMoutainsNationalPark . Also, not far from where they filmed  #PSILoveYou #FilmLocation  bridge. If you haven’t saw either #Vikings or #PSILoveYou you should definitely #bingewatch #Vikings and watch the movie #PSILoveYou


I really wished I had longer than 9 days to explore Ireland this time.  This was my second trip to #Dublin . But I did get some downtime to go on a few tours. I went on a tour to see the beautiful



What a spectacular place to see it is so gorgeous. Another must see when in Ireland. If I stare at this beautiful photo long enough, I can almost imagine a dozen or so Viking longboats sailing off the cost looking for a village to pillage. 




Finn Mc Cool Irish Legend basically on a clear day you can see #IsleofMan in Scotland across the sea. The legend goes that Finn didn’t like the giant that lived on the Isle. So he built a bridge so he could walk across and fight the giant. The day he did walk across the bridge the other giant wasn’t @ home. So Finn went back home got drunk and passes out. After Finn’s wife admonished him for starting trouble.

So the giant heard about Finn’s visit when he got home and the next day started walking across the bridge. So Finn’s quick thinking wife decided to dresses Finn up like a baby! 

“Where is Finn McCool?” giant asked.

“I’m sorry…he isn’t here…just our baby!” she replied.

The giant looks over and sees the ugliest baby he has ever seen as he keeps his thoughts to himself.

“You can tell Finn McCool…he knows where I’m at!” he replies and leave.

That is the so called legend but in reality.  What really happened actually  was a resulted from volcanic eruption some 50-60 million years ago, leaving in it’s path a spectacular collection of 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. The fast cooling lava fractured the stone into hexagonal pillars, some as tall as 39 feet or more in some places.



Above are just some of the amazing Viking Artifacts they found, from the #WoodQuayExcavation  #DublinIreland done by Patrick F. Wallace in 1970’s.  As #Dublin and #Britain were huge strongholds.  There is also a replica of #standingstone in #Dublin, it was used by the #Vikings to mark a trade port or #safesplace to other #Vikings/Scandinavian .  Most especially Dublin, Ireland was huge in trading port, and was settled by Northmen and or Vikings. Most Vikings were actually farmers, I know hard to believe. They left their homeland in search of resources and new prospects for fertile  farming lands. Yes, some were there for nefarious reason such as pillaging, raping and slaves traders.

But some males especially 2nd sons left home in search of their own fortunes. Most wealth and lands were inherited by the first son of the family. There is also speculations or perhaps just opinion that  most women in their culture were snatched up to by upper nobility and 1st sons.

I really have enjoyed researching #VikingAgeBritain to help with my #Upcoming #HistoricalRomanceNovel  #TheNorthmenandtheScottishLass and really can’t wait to hear what my loyal fans think. I thought I would have it done by years end, but don’t want to rush it to print! It’s very in depth #Novel with #HistoricalFacts even though it’s strictly  a work of #fiction . Worst thing I could do is to rush it and it would be full of #errors . I can tell you right now I’m currently reading three #nonfiction books about #Vikings and what scholars & archaeologist have learned about #Vikings and things that have been unearthed. 

If you are anything like me and love to learn more, here are three amazing books you should read that I’m currently reading;

Nonfiction Books:

  1. Viking Dublin: The Wood Quay Excavations by, Archaeologist Patrick F. Wallace
  2. Viking Britain: An Exploration by, Thomas Williams
  3. Exploring The World of The Vikings by, Richard Hall

Fiction Books:

The Last Kingdom: Saxon Chronicles (15 Books) by, Bernard Cornwell 

Also a  #Netflix Series



Another thing I saw at #DublinMuseumofArchaeology




I found this was another interesting artifacts these #BronzeAgebodies 

These bodies are found in #Bogs around #Ireland these are particularly from #BronzeAge . As you can see some of these bodies still have skin and fingernails hair. On one of the bodies you can see a leather armband. Some scholars think many of these bodies were sacrificed by Druid Priest to the powers that be, for bog ore. Most of the bodies were found in the middle of bogs throughout Great Britain and Scandinavia the most well preserved of these is



He is 2,400 years old it’s amazing how well preserved this #BogBodies is right down to the expression  of anguish  on his face the beard on his face. This #BogBody is located in #Denmark . I’m hoping to see this body one day myself.  Anyhoo, I also saw many amazing artifacts these are some that stood out to me.  


I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me on my journey and  research trip to #Ireland . The world is a smorgasbord and a wealth of knowledge for persons wanting the knowledge or learning. I have learned that I enjoy soaking up knowledge. I enjoy learning new things daily and make a pledge that I will always soak up any  and all knowledge and learning. I totally enjoy learning from past civilizations and the knowledge they teach use everyday. The once quiet and forgotten ghost of the past have lessons we could learn from. Remember if we fail to  learn from history or our past mistakes then we will surely be destine to repeat past atrocities  and mistakes. 

If you happen to find yourself in Dublin, Ireland or any countries in Europe and beyond. You happen to be walking around in some very old cities, listen to the ghost that walk alongside you. You just might learn something you never knew. There are many ghosts of the past that begs for someone to pay attention to them.  They just might have a story and or lessons to teach us!!

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Nicole Eglinger- Author

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