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Hello Lovelies,

Just wanted to let everyone know that a new #VLOG is up, so please be sure to check it out. Be sure to subscribe to my #blog  and be the first to be notified of #updates and #giveaways . Feel free to share this #PressThis !  Also, follow me on #twitter; @PoetGirl37 and follow me on #Instagram; poetgirl39 who knows perhaps one of my #giveaways might be I pick someone who follows me after a  certain date I set up on #socialmedia .

Also, I will be putting up another #sneakpeek for my upcoming #historicalromance

#TheNorthmenandTheScottishLass #TheHeathenLoverSeries ! I will be putting that up on October 1st. I really hope you all are enjoying the #sneakpeeks so far. If you can’t wait for my next novel then be sure to checkout my available novels such

as #PopstarLoverSeries  #RogueVampireSaga #TalentAgencySeries  all of them are available on #Amazon #BarnesAndNoble #Kobo many others in  many formats #Ebooks #Paperback #POD .

On a more personal note my grandson turned two today, and got to see one of my #grandbabies Happy 2nd Birthday Little Man grandma loves and misses you tons. I will not be around October 9th-16th, but if I have time will  try to do updates. I can’t promise anything. Anyhoo chat with you next time.

Be Kind To One Another ❤

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Nicole Eglinger

The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is To Love and Be Loved In Return ❤



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Hello Lovelies,

 I wanted to let you know I added another page to this site now : Nicole’s Poetry Corner, please feel free to check my poems out will be adding more soon. I’m also going to add a shop to this website so everyone can purchase signed copies of all my books that are available in paperback. So please do check back if you are interested.
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Thank you all for keeping up to date with me and for being amazing fans! I Heart All Of You! Please help me grow my following with telling your friends about my books, I would be very grateful. Be sure to keep checking back as I will be doing some cool things for this holiday season.
Please Take Care and Be Kind To One Another ❤
The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is To Love And Be Loved In Return!!

Kind Regards,

Nicole Eglinger