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Hello Lovelies,

Just wanted to check in and say #HappyHolidays I hope you have a lovely Holiday Season. This time of year we gather with our loved ones and reflect on the passing year’s achievements and our not so glorious moments. As you gather please take a moment and give a thought or two to our many military men and women whose spread out across the globe keeping us safe. Many of whom will be away from their loved ones for the Holidays.

If you might think of possibly making a gift to the #USO  you small gift ensures our troops aren’t forgotten and their sacrifice is not in vain. The #USO gives our troops a little piece of home when they are far from home. They give things such as phone cards to call home, also gives them entertainment from many of today’s biggest names in sports, actors and music figures. Also, gives them a friendly and recognizable place to greet them in many airports around the world. Your gift does a world of good for many Troops around the world. All donations are tax deductible.

Also, would like to remind everyone that there is still time to be entered in a drawing. You will receive signed paperback copies of my two book #RogueVampireSaga. Two lucky winners will be picked. How do you win? Good question all you have to do is start following me poetgirl39  on #Instagram !  Oh and leave a review of my books on goodreads and amazon. Very simple right! I look forward to your follow.  I will be putting up a new book trailer of my latest  novel. Please tell your friends I will greatly appreciate your support! Authors love reviews and greatly appreciate the support. Hurry this giveaway is ending soon on 12/16/18. Take care of yourself and each other. Remember kindness doesn’t cost anything.

Kind Regards,

Nicole Eglinger

The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is To Love And Be Loved In Return ❤

Checking In


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Hello Lovelies,

Just wanted to check in with everybody and see how all of you are doing?

Sorry, I haven’t been around as of late just been very busy, between writing and went on a trip to hang out with my three grandbabies and my sons.


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Aww, how do I stand all this cuteness, love my grandbabies. My family means the world to me. Without family you have nothing the most precious gifts you could ever receive. Given that the Holidays are almost here, I really hope you get to spend time with your love ones. I truly have been blessed with an amazing husband, family and a career I love. 


Also, I have to admit that indeed I’m growing older, as of a week and a half ago now have to wear glasses to read and computer work. How do I look? Well I guess now I really do look like an author. LOL!! So who caught the premiere of Season 4 of Outlander. I can’t wait to see where Outlander takes us this season. I have a clue of what to expect as I have read up to Book Seven (still reading). Wow, I really have to say how much I love #DianaGabaldon for creating such and amazing story. You rock #DianaGabaldon and thank you! 

You inspire me everyday as an Author myself and I hope that maybe one day my books will be half as good as yours. Thank you so much Mrs. G!! I have met some really nice people because of your story. 

Also, I have been very busy taking care of an orphan calico kitten. My hubby found her in an alley in the trash and save her just as a big truck almost ran her over. She has to be bottle fed and slowly we are weaning her off of milk to solid food. Callie is so adorable and it’s so hard, to wrap my head around people who just throw a little life away without a thought. Honestly, people please take the animal to a no kill shelter there are so many other options out there. Better yet if you don’t want kittens or puppies then do the responsible thing and spade or neuter  your animals. Throwing them out in the garbage is not only appalling but heartless. Do The Right Thing!!



I want to thank my fellow Americans who stood in line and voted yesterday. No matter who you voted for. Use your voice its your right!! Every vote counts this is how we settle our difference at the ballot box. Not by using violence or getting in people’s faces or sending things through the mail or shooting people. All this violence needs to stop on both sides! Violence only leads to our fellow Americans getting hurt or killed. It’s not that hard to respect everyone’s opinions and feeling and thoughts. Anyhoo, I will step off my soapbox. Also, I wanted to say #ThankYouVeterans and say Happy Veterans Day! And  simply say Be Kind To One Another!! Until next time lovelies take care of yourself and each other.

Kind Regards,

Nicole  Eglinger

The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is To Love And Be Loved In Returned ❤