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A sentimental journey By Brook on June 12, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I enjoyed the first book ‘Falling’ so much that I purchased Book 2 – ‘Wanting’. I am really glad that I did. This story picks up where the first story ended. It’s been 2 years since Colin and Josie went their separate ways. Those 2 years apart were spent estranged –but both were dealing with the loss of their relationship which had so much potential. This story starts off sentimental then action-packed as Colin recalls his lost romance – ‘wanting Josie’. An unfortunate tragedy brought the two lovers path together. Wanting is a dive into familiar waters but creates a vivid story that picks up nicely from where these two lovers story ended in the first book. Both Colin and Josie were faced with new challenges yet again. But this time around love just might be for keeps.

This story is a romantic journey filled with emotional drama and a broken love that has so many elements that made this story very interesting!