Changing Lives by Nicole Eglinger

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Changing Lives Bannerchanging Lives 3dChanging Lives: Talent Agency Series 1

Nicole Eglinger

 Genre: Erotica, and Romance

Date of Publication: July 7, 2016


 Pages: 227

 Format: ebook

 Price: $2.99


Book Blurb:

Makayla Weiss owner of the most popular talent agency in LA & San Francisco California. Taking a personal interest in singer Damien Starr to launch his solo career, after the breakup of a successful group he was part of.

The closer Makayla works with Damien the more passions are awaken between the two. Until a tragedy within Makayla’s family throwing her single free spirited life into chaos. The only way to make it through is depending on her new lover. Still maintaining her company and private life and being a role model to her new family.

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Changing Lives is an erotic fantasy about loving…

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