Hello Lovelies,

I really hope you are enjoying the look of my website. We’ve been working really hard to make this place a welcoming place for all.  What a few weeks we’ve had in this great big world that we share. Sorry I haven’t been around but been busy visiting with two of my 4 sons that came home for a few weeks. I really enjoy when my sons come home for a visit or I travel to see them. No one ever tells you the hardest part about being a parent is when your children are grown and move away from home. I miss them so very much when they are away. Considering 4 of my sons live in different states except one who happens to live in my state just takes 5 hours drive to get there. Right now our family is going through a very tough time. Especially when your son is deployed to a very hostile place with the military. This will make the second deployment that we have gone through. Trust me it doesn’t make it any easier. But alas we are not the only families that have gone through this. I truly want to thank all the men & women  and families that are going through they same thing. You all are truly amazing to me and appreciate all your sacrifices you and yours go through.




Right now my son is in a place where America is listed as the enemy. They have cut the power to the base. They have barely any food and  no gas. However, my son and many others are safe and doing their jobs to protect America’s interests. I hope and pray soon this situation will be resolved quickly. I pray for the safe return of all of our military men & women who are serving this Amazing Country on foreign soil.   

I really need your help in promoting my books. Please share my novels with family and friends. I can’t do this on my own and hope you all buy and read my books. If you have purchased or won my books please leave your review behind so I know if you enjoy the stories that pour out of my head. I do want to share one of my poems that won the award for best poems & poets by Noble House Publishing:


The Brightest Day Of Humanity

Dedicated to all the lives affect by the 9- 11-01, attack on USA

The cities wake to start it repetitious day

The sidewalks alive with the hustle and bustle and the sounds of life.

When out of the blue chaos and panic erupts.

People scatter and on lookers stand by in shock and disbelief and silence

As buildings burn and come crashing down to the cities below.

To play out some sick person hatred and destruction.

Innocence lost and families torn apart and lost forever.

Everyday persons turned into real life heroes.

All people unite in one voice in harmony with no one race or color barriers.

The Darkest day thus becoming The Brightest day in humanity!!

Nicole Eglinger

Copyright ©2008  Nicole Eglinger

I hope you enjoy this post. Also my books are now available in paperback now! Check them out. I truly appreciate each and every one of you that have purchased my books and have left a review.





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