The Darker Side of Me: Rogue Vampire Saga #1

Hello Lovelies,

I just wanted to drop by to inform you all that I just release a new book. It’s a new paranormal/erotica romance novel. Will soon be available in paperback and E-book through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Will let you know ASAP when it has been distributed. For now I can show you  my newest book cover and also the synopsis. Will give you the link to purchase when available.


BookCoverPreview Darker

PAPERBACK $15.00 usd     E-BOOK $3.00 usd


Aleksander Strafford born in 1894 in Edinburgh, Scotland a 28-year-old vampire in modern day San Francisco, Ca fleeing his homeland to stay ten steps ahead of his and his sister’s maker Dante’ Vladimir Razvan that Aleksander just so happen to have killed his only sister Isabella Nicole Razvan in 1924 and has been running ever since.
The year being 1997 Aleksander followed his new love interest Avery Jean Michaels a human woman from NYC to San Francisco that he has claimed for his own. Avery a 32-year-old Director of Cultural Museum of San Francisco. After years of following her anonymously in the shadows keeping a protective eye on her never revealing himself that is until now.
With the San Francisco vampires all worried over a new prophecy involving Aleksander’s and his human and son now Avery’s seems to be in more danger than perhaps Aleksander’s clutch can handle. Trying hard not to have all of San Francisco’s vampire erupting into chaos over a said prophecy he dismisses it.
Unknown to Aleksander and Avery the further they fall in love with each other the prophecy comes to fruition. But falling in love with a vampire may not be all it’s cracked up to be, especially when that vampire has a psycho 1500- year- old vampire on his trail.
After, Dante’ catches up with Aleksander and Avery and their son to take his vengeance out on Aleksander’s family because of the death of his sister so many years ago.  Their son coming into his powers helps his father save his mother at the cost of losing Aleksander his father. Because of Aleksander’s selflessness and sacrifice saves Avery and son killing Dante’. Avery then moves their son back to NYC. But not realizing Aleksander was given a second chance but with no memory of them.


Kind Regards,

Nicole Eglinger



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