Heart of Hearts Excerpt & Popstar Lover Series Book Set Giveaway!!

Hello Lovelies,

Just wanted to stop by to see how my fans are all doing? I also wanted to let you know working as fast as I can on finishing the next installment of my: Popstar Lover Series! Been working really hard everyday finishing up. Thank you all for being so very patient!! Trust me it will definitely be worth the wait!! I also wanted to let you know I’m giving away 4 autographed sets of my Popstar Lover Series Book One & Book Two in paperback running from June 8th – June 25, 2017. Be sure to checkout the link below & enter the giveaway Good Luck! Please be sure to follow my author page on Goodreads!! Goodreads will pick the winners & send me list of my four lucky winners!! Will have a list of the 4 lucky winners in my next blog by 6/27/17 please stay tuned!!

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Falling by Nicole L Eglinger


by Nicole L Eglinger

Giveaway ends June 25, 2017.

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Also wanted to give you a couple teaser from the next installment of : Popstar Lover Series:  HEART OF HEARTS, Book Three  releasing soon!!


Feeling overpowering jolts racking through her body knocking her once again against the floor as the voices and her baby crying faded. Josie flashed to another scene of sunset on a beach on her honeymoon in Aruba. Colin and her sitting on a beach blanket as the sun was setting. He ran his hands through her long locks smiling down at her. He reaches out and grabs her face gently, pulling her into an embrace kissing her passionately while pushing her back against the blanket. Falling against her body unbuttoning her blouse one by one pulling it off of her shoulders gently kissing her shoulders along her sensitive neck down a trail between her breasts stopping to suckle on her nipples one by one down across her flat stomach moving southward down across the top of her hairline.


After several weeks, Colin had a thought as CJ kept spitting out the bottle, he pulled the curtain closed placing CJ across Jo’s lap long enough to unsnapped the front of her gown exposing her naked breasts. Picking up his son and placing him up to Josie’s breast he reared against his mum’s breast latching on.
Josie could feel her son suckling against her breast slowly rousing her from the twilight to the brightest light she ever saw. Her consciousness started to stir causing a twitch in her hand and her eyelids begins to flutter. Colin looked up at her while holding their son to her breast noticed the fluttering of her eyelids and a twitch of her hands.

“That’s it Jo I know you feel him…and you can hear me…open your eyes!” he demanded.
“Oh god baby come back…don’t leave us!” he cried
He saw her eyes flutter again and her hand twitch hitting the call button for the nurse to make sure he was sure Josie starting react.
“Yes…Mr. O’Connor…how can I help you?” walking into the room.

So I really hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks. Please check back in a few weeks to find out if you are one of our lucky 4 winners from my Goodreads Giveaway!! Take care of yourselves & Please be kind to each other!!

Kindest Regards,

Nicole Eglinger

The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is To Love & Be Loved In Returned!!








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