Downside to Obamacare For Middle Class

Hello Lovelies,

I usually don’t go into politic but as a concerned American. I just have to let everyone know my experience. Currently, just for my husband and I we pay $2,000 monthly with a $10,000 deductible. Not to mention it goes up higher yearly and it’s not right. So we pay for everything until deductible is met. 

Before O-Care Co-Pays  Prices:

Primary Care Doctor used to be $25.00  –  now $55.00

Specialist (Gyn, Orthopedic ETC)  Before $50.00 – now $75.00

X-rays ( Mammogram ETC) Before $40.00 – now $200.00

Not to mention the prices of Prescriptions (Epi-pens, Norflex ETC) and any other things that come with healthcare.  I have to go and get an X-ray because having an issue with my arm. So just for one little x-ray I pay $200.00. I have no choice as I’m  right-handed. If my kids weren’t grown I could only imagine the cost of healthcare. Fortunately, my sons are already established in their careers in life & starting their families.  Could anyone imagine what families could do with the extra money. I could start putting away money for my Grandchildren’s college education. Maybe go see my grandchildren more. Many other things!!

I understand that many American families are going through, the same thing if not worst. I feel as if we are being abandoned by our Government that is supposed to be protecting it’s citizens. But alas what do they care, they received free healthcare or laws don’t apply to them. It’s not fair that people not only have to struggle to pay for their own insurance, but pay for others. So my advice to House & Senate instead of trying to piece laws together. For once go after health insurance companies, pharmaceutical  companies make them lower their prices.  The American people are calling out for relief. DO YOUR JOBS  AND IF YOU CAN’T RESIGN OR BE VOTED OUT!!

Kind Regards,

Nicole Eglinger

The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is To Love And Be Loved In Return!!




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