Hello Lovelies,

I just wanted to say Happy 4th of July  Weekend!! Please be alert to your surroundings and celebrate safely. Remember if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING Please don’t forget to thank our amazing women & men of our Armed Forces that are standing watch here in America &  on Foreign soil! Never forget the  ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice!! I thank you all truly and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!

Anyhow, I have some exciting news on the retailer end of my novels. You can now purchase by clicking the links below. Also on another note you will soon be able to order  by print on demand. As soon as I get that information I will gladly pass that information onto you.

Be safe and Be Kind To One Another!!


Changing Lives: Talent Agency Series #1- Scribd

Changing Lives: Talent Agency Series #1 – Inktera

Falling : Popstar Lover Series #1- Inktera


Kindest Regards,

Nicole Eglinger




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