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The verdict is in on  WANTING: POPSTAR LOVER SERIES #2 is a huge hit. I thought I would share  the latest reviews fans are leaving!! To tell you the truth I’m  so very flattered by the kindest & honesty it’s so refreshing. I want to thank all of my amazing fans out there that has taken the time to buy my books and leave their reviews. It truly helps me to grow as an author. I have never ever had an issue on people giving me constructive criticism.  The kindest compliment you could ever pay me is to  suggest my novels is to tell all your friends, family & colleagues about  them. The only way I get higher up on the book charts is with your help. Thank you all so very much for your kind reviews. Now on to the reason for this blog!! Take care of each other and be kind.

  A sentimental journey By Brook on June 12, 2016  5 *****

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I enjoyed the first book ‘Falling’ so much that I purchased Book 2 – ‘Wanting’. I am really glad that I did. This story picks up where the first story ended. It’s been 2 years since Colin and Josie went their separate ways. Those 2 years apart were spent estranged –but both were dealing with the loss of their relationship which had so much potential. This story starts off sentimental then action-packed as Colin recalls his lost romance – ‘wanting Josie’. An unfortunate tragedy brought the two lovers path together. Wanting is a dive into familiar waters but creates a vivid story that picks up nicely from where these two lovers story ended in the first book. Both Colin and Josie were faced with new challenges yet again. But this time around love just might be for keeps.

This story is a romantic journey filled with emotional drama and a broken love that has so many elements that made this story very interesting!

Format: Kindle Edition
“Wanting” is a marvelous romance tale with immortal love. “Wanting” leaves off where the first book “Falling” left off. Josie and Collin are separated. The two are living their own lives away from each other. They dwell about their previous relationship. Each of them knew how much potential it had to become something more. Collin yearns to see Josie again. Events happen and coincidentally the pair meet again. They pick up on their whirlwind romance. This time there is a real possibility! For the pair to evolve their new, and blossoming romance. I loved the uniqueness of the scenes, and communication between the lovers. It’s a lovely crafted romance that makes you emotionally invested. Read more to find out! I recommend Wanting: Popstar Lover Series to those who believe in true love!
Like books like this By Crawford on June 26, 2016  5*****
Format: Kindle Edition
WANTING: POPSTAR LOVER SERIES is captivating! Very enjoyable read with a twist at the end. Like books like this. The characters are easy to relate to.so hard to put down. Many nights I was up way later than I planned because I had to know what happens in the next chapter. Great book for all adult who love romantic and tragic literature. This story is a romantic journey filled with emotional drama and a broken love that has so many elements that made this story very interesting! This was my first book by this author and i loved this book, it held my interest from the start and i couldn’t put it down! Overall great read!! Loved it!
lovely story book By Amazon Customer on June 15, 2016 5*****
Format: Kindle Edition
I am very glad. This story takes when This story packed to the Sentimental Action begins as Colin recalls his lost love – “Josie want”. An unfortunate tragedy the way two lovers together. Will is an immersion in familiar waters, but also creates a vivid story that reflects very well where the story of two lovers in the first book ended. In this book author create such a huge beautiful character which make the story so interesting and every story line are so understandable. This is a story of emotional drama romantic trip and a broken love.
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For now Wanting is only available on kindle! Coming soon to
Soon be coming to print on demand. As soon as I get this information I will pass it along to you.
Nicole Eglinger
The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is To Love And Be Loved In Returned 

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